Annual Membership

Introducing Dr. Nicki’s Math PD Online Academy- Annual Membership

Dr. Nicki is offering individual* subscriptions to her online courses: Math PD on Demand. A great way to think about PD for individual teachers, grade levels, schools and districts. Through a series of short math learning modules about a variety of topics (i.e. guided math, math workstations, mini-lessons, fractions). Dr. Nicki personally teaches, demonstrates, illustrates and discusses a variety of math topics for grades k-5. Each month Dr. Nicki is adding new courses, many of which are aligned with her current and upcoming math professional development books. There are real videos of classrooms in action, discussions with teachers and administrators, and even students talking about math! Each course has its own set of agendas, discussion boards, and downloadables.

School Pricing:

Semi- Annual School pass -$1000

Annual School pass - $1750

Schools can register here:

Districts receive a 10% discount per school for enrolling 10 – 50 schools.

Call Call (347) 688-2947 for district pricing and registration.

*Individual pass is a single use license. The person who registers is the only person allowed to use this pass.

Annual Membership includes these courses

Guided Math 2.0
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Math Running Records in Action
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Kindergarten Math in Action
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The First 20 Days of Math Workshop
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Problem Solving in Action k-2
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Problem Solving in Action 3-5
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